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Climate Change

The Great Green Danes have become UN climate champions 2021

Great Green Danes - Nordic Horizons
People often wonder what happens to Nordic Horizons speakers – in the case of Samsø and Søren Hermansen – they just keep going from strength to strength. The tiny Danish island has just been made UN climate leader award winner for 2021 for; ‘completely transforming its energy system from fossil fuels to renewable energy to become the world’s first renewable energy island. Key results that have been achieved include: becoming carbon negative; 100% local ownership of renewable energy investments; and significant socio-economic benefits from the energy transition.’
More info here –
Søren Hermansen and the Samsø team will be at COP 26 to receive their award on Nov 10th. Nordic Horizons Director Lesley Riddoch (who has a priceless media pass) will be there and report back.
Meanwhile, here’s a link to the excellent short talk Søren gave to an NH audience in the Scottish Parliament back in 2013.

And here are notes of that original meeting kindly provided by Dave Watson from Unison – a prolific blogger
Here are the the full digital notes from the original Great Green Danes Nordic Horizon event.

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