paddy bort

People Sized Democracy – the digital notes

This was a very special event for Nordic Horizons. It was the first after the sad death of our great friend and Nordic Horizons champion, Paddy Bort. The night was special and we hope you find the recording of this gathering to be informative and educational. It was.   We have a variety of materials from the event, including a short interview with our main speaker , Frode Lindtvedt. There are his slides and a full recording, in both video and audio, of the whole event. We would encourage you to share these items as widely as possible. Thanks. Download People Sized Democracy – Lessons from Norway – the presentation. Here is the short interview with Frode Lindtvedt. Here is the recording, courtesy of Democracy TV of the whole event. And finally there is an audio recording of...Read More


This is a new publication from the Nordic Horizons team of Lesley Riddoch and the late Paddy Bort. It is a an interesting synopsis of a Nordic Horizons symposium from earlier this year. With a stellar cast of contributors, this short volume is both informative and provocative –  download additional details here.

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