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Nordic Welfare – a DIY Guide – A Short Audio Precis

Nordic Welfare Event Poster After the meeting about Nordic Welfare with Profs Jon Kvist and Jochen Clasen, we have recorded a short summary podcast with Lesley Riddoch giving her report and initial thoughts. You can download and listen to Nordic Welfare – A Short Guide with Lesley Riddoch If you would like a copy of the presentation which is an excellent guide to the Danish Welfare perspective, we have posted a full copy of Prof Kvist slides here. The full audio recordings of the presentations and lively Q&A session are also available here.

Nordic Welfare – a DIY Guide – Notes and Audio

    Nordic Welfare Events Poster This was the Nordic Horizons event that promised;  “From the land of Lego and fairytales we bring you the building blocks to create your own welfare systems. What is it about the Nordic welfare model that makes it stand apart and achieve both economic and social goals?”  Prof Jon Kvist has not only posed the question – he  answered it in some style. You can download a copy of his presentation here. Jon gave an outstanding exposition of the Danish Welfare system and “Honorary” Scot Jochen Clasen, Professor of Comparative Social Policy at Edinburgh University  responded to many of the points made. We made a full recording of the presentation and the response. There is a brief introduction from the Chair, Lesley Ri...Read More


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