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Latest Event: COP26: success or cop-out – the Nordic verdict: Mon, 29th November 2021 19:00 – 20:30 GMT by zoom

COP26 - Nordic Horizons
Tickets for the zoom event Nov 29 19.00 GMT are free. But please register.

About this event

COP26 is a make or break summit for world action on climate change. Right now, the likelihood of finding agreement on a practical plan of action by the world’s biggest nations looks small. But where there’s life there’s hope. So, where will we be when the dust has settled and the huge Glasgow gathering of world leaders is over? What will the verdict be then about the success or failure of COP26 amongst our Nordic neighbours who are generally far further ahead than Britain or Scotland in energy security and decarbonisation?

Whatever agreements do or don’t emerge from COP26, individual countries must still find the best way ahead, so this event will discuss COP26 outcomes but focus on the climate change strategies being deployed right now in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, with contributions from other Nordic neighbours and responses from Scottish experts about the situation here.

COP26 - Nordic HorizonsChaired by Lesley Riddoch, broadcaster, journalist and Director of Nordic Horizons.


Tickets for the zoom event Nov 29 19.00 GMT are free. But please register –

Viktoria Raft, is an energy journalist now Head of communications at the Swedish Housing Association. Co-founder of the gender equality network for women in energy, Kraftkvinnorna, and member of the Nordic Energy Equality Network, NEEN.

Viktoria Raft - Nordic Horizons - COP26

Tore Furevik, Professor in physical oceanography at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen and director of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre. (Tore is a previous NH speaker – see a short video of his views on climate change –

Tore Furevik - Nordic Horizons - COP26

Søren Hermansen is Director of the Energy Academy on Samsø – a small Danish island that’s just been made the UN climate leader award winner for 2021.

(Søren is also a former NH speaker – hear his presentation) –

Søren Hermansen - Nordic Horizons - COP26
Dr Keith Baker, Researcher in Fuel Poverty and Energy Policy at Glasgow Caledonian University; a Co-founder of the Energy Poverty Research initiative; a member of the Energy Working Group at Common Weal; and an Associate of 100% Renewable UK.
Dr Keith Baker - Nordic Horizons - COP26

Claire Mack has been Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, which represents Scotland’s renewable energy industry, since 2017. She is a member of the First Minister’s Energy Advisory Board and the Renewables Industry Advisory Group.

Before 2017, Claire was Director of Policy and Place at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry and led on telecoms, spectrum and postal issues.

Claire MACK- Nordic Horizons

Lesley Riddoch is a journalist and Director of Nordic Horizons

Lesley Riddoch - Nordic Horizons

Tickets for the zoom event Nov 29 19.00 GMT are free. But please register.

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