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Local Democracy

Events in 2016

“Co-operation in Finland” will be the topic of the next Cross Party Group on Co-operatives in conjunction with Nordic Horizons on Tuesday 23 February at 6pm in the Scottish Parliament, sponsored by Willie Coffey MSP. The speaker is Kari Huhtala, Director of co-operation with Pellervo, the Finnish co-op trade association.

Kari will discuss the scale of Finland’s 5,000 co-operatives across traditional agriculture, retail and banking sectors as well as the new wave of co-op start-ups as a response to the economic depression of the 90’s.’

General info and updates on speakers will be posted on our Facebook page and website Please keep checking there rather than sending individual emails โ€“ NH is a small, self-administering, volunteer-based group with a rather ambitious list of new meetings to arrange.

There are more meetings which will be announced . Join our Facebook group or follow @nordichorizons on Twitter to get details as soon as they are made available.

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