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COP 26 – a success or a copout? The Nordic verdict.

the Nords are going left

A video of the event can be found below the introduction on this page.

About this event

The news from Soren is that his island Samsø is this year’s UN climate leader award winner!
There’s great audio of him explaining how it happened here (starting 6.15)

Soren Hermansen from Samso, a small island with a 4000 population, but a big reputation for renewable energy. Samso energy academy attracts 6,000 visitors a year, many out of season boosting tourism as well.

While Samso is rightly hailed as a community initiative, its origins are actually more top down. It was a Danish Government energy island competition that started the project before it was picked up by Soren. He had a big job to win over his fellow islanders to the concept of a 100% renewable island. He started with the windmill tradition on the island, but the focus was on jobs, the economy and the simple survival of the island that was suffering from de-population.

Great Green Danes Group

Øivind Bratberg is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

Nik Brandal is Associate Professor of Politics at Bjørknes University College, Oslo

Nordic horizons - Nikolai Brandal

Lesley Riddoch is a journalist and Director of Nordic Horizons

Lesley Riddoch - Nordic Horizons

The Nordics are going left Vimeo recording

This event took place on Wednesday 6th October 19.00 BST by zoom.

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