Uffe Elbæk – the video interview

This is the video interview with Uffe Elbæk of Alternativet who talks about politics, building a new party, trust and Borgen. His full presentation to a sell out Nordic Horizons audience is still available as two audio recordings on our Soundcloud channel.

Helsinki’s Kitchen Poster

Halldór Guðmundsson – the video

The story of a ‘cultural trawler’ from Chris Smith on Vimeo.

Next season’s Nordic Horizons Topics

Next season's NH (after the indyref) will be themed Renewing Democracy. Proposals for speakers are very welcome – though we have a fair rake of great surprises already. Here's one excellent suggestion. "The EU has published its a "league table" of Member State performance in Innovation i.e. who has the best "innovation system"? A good definition of innovation systems is: “ .. the network of institutions in the public and private sectors whose activities and interactions initiate, import, modify and diffuse new technologies.” (Freeman, 1987) Really its about interactions between certain parts of the public sector – higher education for example – and certain kinds of private enterprise, to generate innovation in the economy. So who is doing ...Read More

19 March 2014 – the poster

  Places are free but must be reserved on Facebook or by email to Dan via nordichorizons@hotmail.co.uk We’ll confirm places via Facebook message or email (and let those who have registered too late know they’ve been unsuccessful). General info & new speakers will be posted on our Facebook page and website www.nordichorizons.org. Please keep checking there rather than sending individual emails – NH is a small, self-administering, volunteer-based group with a list of new meetings to arrange. Thank you!

Sandy Miller’s photos of the Copenhagen event

Sandy Miller's photos Sandy's photos regularly appear on the Nordic Horizons' Facebook page and offer a good incentive to join this group, if you haven't done so already.

Next meeting – 15 January 2014

  Details here.

Events 2014

There are no more events planned for 2014. However, there will be a full programme planned for 2015 – details to be released soon.   Past Events    Women’s Quotas – The Norwegian experience NORDIC HORIZONS with Mai-Lill Ibsen and Arne Selvik Lecture Theatre Moray House,  EH8 8AQ    6pm  2nd  December 2014 Free but please register In 2002 the Norwegian conservative Trade Minister announced a ‘Quota Law’ requiring publically listed companies to appoint 40% of the under-represented gender to their boards or face being closed down. Despite criticism the law came into force in 2006. Around 500 PLC’s were affected and during a two year transition period a hundred opted to delist from the Oslo Stock Exchange – some to avoid the quotas. ...Read More

Possible Orkney

Print responsibly! This event was excellent and a packed audience, judging from Facebook and Twitter, enjoyed a lively debate of the ideas raised. Graham Hogg and Alex Hobday presented a vison of a ‘Nordic Scotland’ which was challenging and different. You can listen to the audio below and download a copy of their presentation as well. However, it is worth understanding the background to this presentation, which sounds more like a manifesto. Judge for yourself. Orkney sits at a strategic location within the Northern Periphery – a gateway for the Nordic region within a global context. Possible Orkney is a large group of projects at varying scales looking at how to integrate Scotland into this Nordic region through its exploitation of the shipping, renewable and tourist ind...Read More

Iceland Strikes Back

Meeting Details Audio recordings and presentation Here are two audio  files which are the recordings of each speaker. They are live recordings in situ. Download Iceland Strikes Back – Thorvaldur Gylfason Download Iceland Strikes Back – Sigrun Davidsdottir Download Iceland Strikes Back – Questions and Answers The ‘Question and Answer’ session was recorded in the venue and is  1 hour 10 minutes in duration.   Professor Thorvaldur Gylfason used notes for this meeting. However, much of the material is covered in his presentation at a conference on “Women and Constitutional Futures: gender equality matters in a new Scotland”, on February 14/15, 2013, at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. A copy of that presentation can be downloaded here.&nb...Read More

Iceland strikes back – the poster

We now do video conferences !

The UHI video link and Lesley It's official – with the help and assistance of Elaine Morrison of the UHI last week's 'Great Green Danes' was beamed around the UHI network from Edinburgh. Well done! The notes, photos, powerpoint presentation and over 2 hours of audio from the meeting are also now available here. 

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