Get the Bairns Oot – Norwegian Kindergartens

Get the Bairns Oot – Norwegian Kindergartens Is Scotland set to follow Norway with a push for outdoor kindergartens? And if so, how do they work? In Arctic Tromso, Turid Boholm set up the Bukkespranget Barnehage (literally ‘child garden’) with support from local parents. Children learn, play and eat outdoors, even in the cold, dark Arctic winter. She described how it’s done, how parents are brought on board and how children benefit. Powerpoint Presentation Download Get the Bairns Oot Democracy TV Vimeo Resources The meeting on June 19 2018 was covered, as usual, by Democracy TV and you can watch the event again here. Soundcloud Podcasts Lesley recorded a short interview with Turid and you can listen here. [/vc_toggle]Get in touch to find out more about Nordic Horizo...Read More

Scotland’s Missing Wood Cabins

Scotland’s Missing Wood Cabins The full session which was hosted by the Festival of Politics in the Scottish Parliament is available below as an audio podcast. Introduced by the Chair of the Scottish Finnish Society , Mikko Ramstedt, there were good presentations followed by a lively question and answer session. It lasts 96 minutes.Norway has the hytta. Sweden has the sommerhus. Finland has the stuga. Russia has the dacha. New Zealand has the bach. Canada and the United States have cabins. Scotland alone in Northern Latitudes seems to have virtually no hut, cabin or modest second home tradition. Why and does it matter? Journalist and Nordic Horizons Director Lesley Riddoch compared the “hut traditions” of Norway and Scotland. Land campaigner Andy Wightman described hut bu...Read More

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