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External Affairs Secretary @AngusRobertson welcomed representatives of all the Nordic and Baltic countries to Scotland House London yesterday.
@ScotGov has pledged to increase policy and trading links with neighbours in the Nordic and Baltic regions #ScotPfG


Historical series to tell story of Icelanders sold into slavery

Social Democrat govts in every Scandi nation means a refreshed, progressive political landscape around Scotland – not forever, but for long enough to reconfigure health & welfare post-Covid & complete a just green transition. We should be there too.

Nordic voters are electing Social Democrats over Conservatives to 'build back better' & go green - Norway this week & Iceland likely next. @Nordichorizons asks why on Oct 6th with @kataodds Oivind Bratberg & Nik Brandal (all in Nation films). Free tix -


Billionaire wealth & food bank use grew by a third during Covid. UK in a nutshell. If Scotland wants to deliver equality, we must look over the North Sea where a powerful Scandi Social Democrat alliance is building - not over the border. @nordichorizons

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Have the Finns Ended Homelessness?

Have the Finns Ended Homelessness? – Event Details Have the Finns ended homelessness? ..and can Scots follow their lead? Speaker – Juha Kaakinen CEO...

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