Nordic Horizons How Denmark and Sweden heat homes without mains gas

Heating homes without gas – the Nordic way

None of Scotland’s Nordic neighbours depends on gas for heating – but 85% of homes ...

Nordic Horizons Norway - Pint Sized Democracy

NEW PODCAST Powerful pint-sized Nordic democracy

Scotland has the largest units of ‘local’ government in the developed world with just 32 ...

Nordic Horizons NATO Membership Swededn - Finland

PODCAST: NATO membership for Finland & Sweden – the end of Baltic neutrality??

This podcast was produced after a fascinating online Nordic Horizons meeting in March 2022, eight ...


Golden Oldies

2012 – How the Finns emptied their prisons

Tapio Lappi-Seppälä, Director, National Research Institute of Legal Policy, Finland. MAY 2012  The open prison on the island of Suomenlimma near Helsinki is an astonishing place. The 100 prisoners living there learn stonemasonry and other skills to help keep the 19th century stone fortress intact. They’re paid a wage and the tiny municipality of 400 people voted to have them there. Some of t...

2012 – How does Finnish education stay streets ahead?

This event in May 2012 was hosted by the Convenor of the Education and Lifelong Learning Committee, Stewart Maxwell MSP and sponsored by the Finnish Embassy with Nordic Horizons ‘The story of Finland’s extraordinary educational reforms is one that should inform policymakers and educators around the world. This book is a must read.’ Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University. The ...

A cold and cloudy summer in Iceland, with well below average glacier melt (so far) might result in near zero net mass balance. Persistent snowfall in June, July and August.

These are the headlines.Listen to the podcast at
Why are UK energy prices so high?
Is nationalisation the answer?
Truss or Sunak? For the Tory faithful it's still Johnson.
Should Scotland raise the age kids start school?

Show your #Nordic pride at this year´s Scandinavian Fest! Join a #fun-filled celebration on September 4th at 10:00 am. Discover the customs and history of #Denmark, #Estonia, #Finland, #Norway, #Sweden, and especially #Iceland! 🎉

Scotland’s first community-owned, passive-certified homes for affordable rent were created in Dumfries and Galloway by #NithValleyLeafTrust and @SoSCommHousing. Stunning & energy-efficient, it's a win-win for community and climate!
#MyLandScotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✨

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