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Join @CradleNet’s launch its 1st Circular Economy Outlook Report 2021 on Febr. 3, 08:00-09:15 CET. This free, Zoom event will focus on the current situation & future of Sweden’s #circulareconomy. So how far has Sweden’s largest firm come in its ambition to become circular? 🇸🇪 1/3

The Nordics enjoy high living standards and stand out as over-consumers of natural resources. To reach the #SDGs, production and consumption patterns must change. Join us on 27 January to find out how municipal authorities can help achieve these goals:

How did a tiny Baltic state emerge from the old Soviet Union to become Europe's leading digital economy in just 30 years? Launch of new film with @cherlieboy - Estonia, the Baltic Tiger on Sunday 31 Jan. Sign up for a free invite & full launch details

Active and environmentally aware #generationZ and #Millennials are a major driving force behind #ClimateAction & #sustainabledevelopment. Together with #BSR partners, @Nordregio created a platform for them to develop their best, sustainable business ideas:

Join us on 26 January from 13.00-15.00 for the digital launch of Green Visions: Greenspace Planning and Design in Nordic Cities! #arvinius @waaittstudio #greenvisions


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Have the Finns Ended Homelessness?

Have the Finns Ended Homelessness? – Event Details Have the Finns ended homelessness? ..and can Scots follow their lead? Speaker – Juha Kaakinen CEO...

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