Latest podcast – Finland’s fight against Russian cyber attacks

Fake news and cyber attacks are helping undermine democracy, legitimise extremist views, push groundless conspiracy ...

NEW PODCAST; The future is cooperative

While Britain struggles with sky-high bills, and private water, electricity and oil companies make record ...

Podcast; Jean Sibelius – Finland’s musical genius

This is a Nordic Horizons podcast with a difference. It isn't about policy, politics, climate ...


Golden Oldies

Film: Outdoor kindergarten in Arctic Norway

At long last, outdoor nurseries and kindergartens are getting some official encouragement in Scotland. Pioneers like the Secret Garden in Fife and about a dozen others have offered an alternative to indoor early life for over a decade. But now Inspiring Scotland’s been funded by the Scottish Government to work with eight councils setting up new outdoor play projects. The need to get kids mov...

4. Podcast: Get oot to play – school can wait

How would you measure success in the early years of a child’s education? In the Bukkespranget Norwegian kindergarten (where children aged 1-6 play outdoors in all weathers) they ask two simple questions. Does the child ask for more and do the parents tell stories? Note – no tests. All this play contrasts with Scotland’s formal school-based education for 5 year-olds – even t...

‘Nicola Sturgeon was a friend of Ireland’: Departing Scottish first minister praised by Irish politicians

When ⁦@NicolaSturgeon⁩ leaves the office of #FirstMinister of #Scotland we fondly remember her formidable speeches at ⁦@_Arctic_Circle⁩ Assemblies. The only major #UK leader to this demonstrate commitment to #ClimateAction.

The #Agenda2030 is in a deep crisis.

We must all step up our efforts so that the Summit of the Future can set the course right.

Norway🇳🇴 supports 🇺🇳 SG @antonioguterres call to strengthen multilateralism in #OurCommonAgenda

📸: @UN

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