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Right then, In a few days I will be leaving this wonderful country, after ten years working the Irish diplomatic circuit representing @FCDOGovUK and for the last 5 years leading @scotgovireland. Some thoughts before I get on that ferry and start the next adventure 1/9

"The pandemic has been very difficult for us all but when we begin to see empty shelves here that we are not seeing in Europe, I fear this is just the beginning of a major headache for us all" @Jo_de_sylva @visitiln talks about growing impact of #Brexit at @EUandMeCampaign event

Human trafficking is a serious crime & a grave violation of human rights.
On the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 🇳🇴 supports the importance of listening to & learning from survivors.
@UNODC @ilo @dagiulstein

My goodness, it’s 50 years this month since Jimmy’s ‘No bevying’ message to the Clyde shipbuilders taking over the yards. Can’t find the video clip, but here’s a terrific photo of the time.

Thank you to @EUandMeCampaign, all the panellists and the musicians involved. A very informative event.
With Brexit ''A drawbridge has been pulled up. ''
We don't have to accept this insularism. Scotland has a choice. Let's be ambitious for Scotland.

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Have the Finns Ended Homelessness?

Have the Finns Ended Homelessness? – Event Details Have the Finns ended homelessness? ..and can Scots follow their lead? Speaker – Juha Kaakinen CEO...

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