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This might of interest to fans of Nordic cinema...

Speaking to crofters @CommunityLandSc interested in applying for Forestry Comm grants to plant trees. Is it possible in Highland climate? Oh yes it is. See this fab @nordichorizons presentation inc 6 min video by Scots Norway expert Duncan Halley.

1) Collect eight flowers
2) Put a spell on a field
3) Foresee from threads

The traditions of Midsummer go back hundreds of years. Read the full list of Finnish Midsummer love spells here:

Photo by Emilia Hoisko

Brill @Nordichorizons meeting 2 discuss future of our policy group. Thanks 2 Rob fm @ScotFutures & our big supporters over 9 yrs inc @monarohne, Kristin Hannesdottir, David Windmill, Joe Griffin, @demTVscot & @scotgov. A year off beckons for Dan, Lily, Mike D & V, Chris, Ken & me

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Have the Finns Ended Homelessness?

Have the Finns Ended Homelessness? – Event Details Have the Finns ended homelessness? ..and can Scots follow their lead? Speaker – Juha Kaakinen CEO...

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