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Enjoyed immensely participating at #ArcticFutures 2020. Confident that #EU’s new Arctic Policy will be inspired by the indispensable input & contributions from the multiple stakeholders. #Arctic. @eu_eeas @EU_MARE 🇪🇺


It would also be the national park that represents the highest percentage of the total area of any country, with over 40,000 km² of the total 103,000 km² surface area of Iceland.

Iceland’s Christmas #YuleLads are coming! Folklore says during each of the 13 nights leading up to Christmas, a Yule Lad comes down from the mountains to bring gifts and play pranks! Curious to know which Yule Lad you are most like? Take our quiz here:

Another measure of Scotland's messed up land o'ship - ten times more acres are used for golf than for allotments & community growing. But change is afoot with community takeover of Glasgow municipal golf course. Congrats @GCFNetwork. Via @LocalPeopleLead

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Have the Finns Ended Homelessness?

Have the Finns Ended Homelessness? – Event Details Have the Finns ended homelessness? ..and can Scots follow their lead? Speaker – Juha Kaakinen CEO...

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