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Friday, June 22, 2012


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Mike Vickers

1. I found Oivind’s presentation interesting but may be a little sunnyside up
2. His equating of the Labour Party with Social Democracy in Norway. I’m not sure that the Labour Party in the UK even that in Scotland would subscribe to this or at least in the practice
3. The involvement of the Trade Unions in Government is good and the point Lesley made about Trade Unions on the Board looks critical – Also a feature of Germany even though they are somewhere to the right of centre
4. Norway is well past 1905 but I do take the point ‘why does Scotland just not go for it’. Sort out the separation of Government afterwards – Yes the Scotsman was quoting 5 years to sort out the details on the same dayas the talk
5. Independence comes from the periphery which looks to be the Scottish situation and in Norway’s case was it not the Agrarian Party that was one of the drivers. May be the Labour Party only came into its own in the 1920/30s
6. Oivind pointed out that Norway are managing their Petroleum Revenues for the future rather than spent today
7. 6% private education sounded good but I find that Scotland is only 4.3% which is better.
8. Much more equality of wages than the UK – that is my small experience too - not only wages but authority
9. I would have liked to have heard more how power and democracy are distributed between the centre and the periphery – ‘continuous mobilisation from below’
10. All speakers agreed that you can’t just port the Nordic model to Scotland. BTW are we talking about the Nordic Model or the Norwegian Model
11. As usual Lesley chaired with her usual vigour and attention.

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