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Friday, February 10, 2012


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Some words not clear so that some sentences are waste, also includes jokes -- a key word or two unheard, drowned in laughter, makes associated words a waste of time, also a waste of mental effort.
The woman who started talking about Edinburgh was all clear in her few sentences.
I stopped listening about 5 minutes after that.

Chris on behalf of Mike Vickers

A good event

Right from the start - Danish Pastries provided by the Swedish Embassy!

A summary of what I picked up and remember I'm deaf despite the good
amplification system

1. The most ebullient speaker was Paddy Bort - very much in the
character of Lesley Riddoch

2. Mike Danson was much more in the effectiveness efficiency v
democracy mould. He felt that they not currently too out of balance.
Though at the end he was more gung hoe with 'don't wait for empowerment -
bring it on'.

3. Rob Gibson much more laid back but then he has a big parish

4. Not sure about Sarah Boyach

5. Fiscal delegation - give back to the people what they have
contributed - at the grass roots level. But you would need to spread the
largess so that the people in poverty get a reasonable share of the cake.
The lady next to me after the event said that the Inner Cities need most
protection even though she prefers the country.

6. UK the highest level of inequality, rich v poor, in Europe

7. Councils too constrained by the rules set down by Central
Government - no flexibility

8. Weakness of the Community Councils at the bottom of the current

9. Development Trusts doing what the Community Councils not able to
do. To me Development Trusts like BIDs are a cop out - favouring those
that shout the most

10. Overall representation in Scotland only 1/10 of that in Norway and
Germany but numbers aren't everything

11. Politicians inadequately trained though 'general competence' scorned
by one guy

12. Need for locals to take action into their own hands - Yes that's Eigg

13. Local is who you know, not who lives next to you

14. Oh and the final speaker from the floor brought up Huts - you
obviously primed him

15. Interestingly not much on the Government's direction to cut the
subsidies to small power schemes - if it happens a crying shame to me

16. Independence not a whisper - but then all the discussion equally true
whether Independence or DevoMax.

17. And no one brought up Social Media - this will tear though all the
current top down structure whether governments like it or not

But a final comment you know better than I whether these discussions ever
have any effect on the powers that be, but let's hope so

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